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Nesil Çocuk Tali Tidies His Room Berrin Göncü Işıkoğlu

Behavioural Training With Stories - 1Nesil Çocuk Tali Tidies His Roomİngilizce Hikaye

Satış Fiyatı : 5,00 TL
Kazancınız : 1,25 TL
Stok Kodu : 9786051310503
Sayfa Sayısı : 16
Boyut : 19x27
Nesil Çocuk Yayınları - Tali Tidies His Room/ Berrin Göncü IŞIKOĞLU

If you would like to aid your children in building their personality during their pre-school years, especially in the following areas: -to help shape positive behaviour and adopt universal values -to be able to express negative feelings in a healthy manner -to try to understand other's feelings -to improve skills that require common sense -to consider the consequences of their actions -to identify with someone they could take as a role model -..then we invite you to the books that will conquer your child's world with its stories, and will encourage them to love books and reading in the fun world of our cute hero, Tali.

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